Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion if one so chooses

I do and so does Krystal Myers. As the editor of her school newspaper in Tennessee and athiest she wanted to publish an editorial criticizing what she felt was discrimination against non-believers and non-christians in the school.

School officials refused to allow publication, say it would be disruptive. Frankly this is exactly the sort of disruption that should happen in schools, an open an honest discussion about societal issues.

Tyranny is bad whether it is perpetrated by the majority or the minority. God and religion are not necessary for people to be good and ethical. Ethics and suitable behavior are a social contract required for a society to function but they can be determined by the participants without the intervention of a higher power.

Here's an alternative take on the ten commandments for non-believers

Rights and Responsibilities
As an atheist you have a number of rights and responsibilities. These include (but are not limited to):

1. Have no gods.
2. Don’t worship stuff.
3. Be polite.
4. Take a day off once in a while.
5. Be nice to folks.
6. Don’t kill people.
7. Don’t fool around on your significant other.
8. Don’t steal stuff.
9. Don’t lie about stuff.
10. Don’t be greedy.

Remember, theists will condemn you for living by this code because you are doing it of your own free will instead of because you’re afraid that if you don’t a supreme being will set you on fire.


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A copy of the editorial Krystal Myers tried to publish in her school newspaper

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