Some interesting moves over at +General Motors today

Some interesting moves over at +General Motors today. A few weeks back Tom Stephens announced that he was retiring after a long career with GM. Today, the company announced that Alan Taub, who is currently VP of Research and Development will also be retiring.

Jon Lauckner, who is acknowledged as one of the two fathers of the Chevy Volt, will be replacing both Taub and Stephens, becoming Chief Technology Officer and VP of R&D. In addition to his new roles, Lauckner will continue to oversee the GM Ventures, the venture capital fund that the automaker established in 2010.

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GM's Lauckner to replace retiring Stephens as technology chief
DETROIT — General Motors said today it has named Jon Lauckner vice chairman and chief technology officer, effective April 1. He will replace Tom Stephens who retires on that date. In his new role, La…

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