For all of Verizon's flaws I've never 14 years paid an upgrade fee 3

If my contract is up and they want to keep me as a customer, they damn well better give me a discounted phone in exchange for an extension. If Verizon follows AT&T's lead I'll be looking to move elsewhere.

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AT&T doublespeak as it doubles its "upgrade" fee, arguing that as phones get more sophisticated, it's harder to upgrade. How the fuck do they figure that? It's harder to charge us more for a more expensive phone? How fucking stupid do they think we are? Stupid enough to use them.
(signed) Stupid AT&T customer

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AT&T Upgrade Fee To Double On February 12
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3 thoughts on “For all of Verizon's flaws I've never 14 years paid an upgrade fee

  • Sam Abuelsamid

    It's more about the principle on this one. Claiming that the cost of upgrades has increased is a bunch of horseshit. It's all because AT&T's management screwed up by trying to buy T-Mobile and agreeing to such an enormous breakup fee. Now they are passing that along to customers. They already charge insane fees for texting and data and if I was an AT&T customer and they tried to charge me to upgrade on top of the price of the phone itself, I'd bail.