3D rapid prototyping has really come a long way in just the past two decades

The combination of some raw materials and precision numerically controlled lasers can create virtually anything in just a matter of minutes or hours as I described in a series of stories I wrote when I was still at GM.
http://bit.ly/zHeTEn http://bit.ly/xYOOg0 http://bit.ly/wepmwl

The process for making this jawbone sounds basically like selective laser sintering SLS.

I can't wait until we can make our own new bones at home with a MakerBot http://www.makerbot.com/

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83-year old woman gets replacement 3D printed titanium jaw, makes her the coolest member of the bridge club
3D printers are continuing to force their way into medical applications and the latest beneficiary is an 83-year old woman. She's the first patient to

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