Anybody that knows me, is well aware of my fondness for station wagons 3

I'm a car guy and I personally have no use for SUVs or crossovers, but there are many times when extra cargo space is welcome. A station wagon offers the size and driving dynamics of its sedan siblings while typically offering more useful volume than a similarly sized SUV. Unfortunately most Americans don't seem to grasp the appeal of wagons which means we'll probably never see a Ford Fusion wagon here.

Then again, when the Fiesta was in the planning stages, America was originally only going to get the sedan and the last generation Focus was only available with a trunk. Both of those are now sold as hatchbacks with nearly half of all takers opting for the larger rear opening. Let's hope Ford product planners take that to heart. I'll take a Fusion wagon with the 1.6-liter Ecoboost and a 6-speed stick please!

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2014 Ford Mondeo Wagon Rendered: We’ll Take It as a Fusion
Now that the 2013 Ford Fusion's sheetmetal has been exposed, one of our illustrators has grafted cargo space onto the back to create a wagon. And a good-looking one at that. Since the new Fusion w…

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