Another hour, another NAIAS embargo-break

This time it's the Volkswagen e-Bugster.

It's a chopped Beetle with the same battery electric powertrain that will be coming to the Golf and Jetta in the next couple of years. Interestingly, VW seems to be following the same generally electrification philosophy as Ford. Instead of designing dedicated hybrids and EVs like Toyota or Nissan, VW and Ford) are engineering their new platforms to accommodate a variety of powertrains including gas, diesel hybrid, PHEV and BEV. Clearly prepared if battery costs come down but hedging on the probability that internal combustion will remain dominant for the foreseeable future.

We live in interesting times


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Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept
Volkswagen chopped the Beetle's top and installed an electric powertrain for this 2012 Detroit auto show concept. Read about and see the E-Bugster at Car and Driver.

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