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Even though I've been using a Droid 3 since July, I still use OG Droid that I… 10

Even though I've been using a Droid 3 since July, I still use OG Droid that I ordered on day one more than two years ago as a streaming media player. Since early this year, the old Droid has been running on various Gingerbread builds from either +Peter Alfonso or Cyanogenmod. After the success I had loading an early Ice Cream Sandwich ROM onto my son's Samsung Fascinate last week, I decided to try it on the OG Droid.

I found an early build based on Android 4.0.3 on the XDA-Developers forum and installed it last night. It's far from complete but it is remarkably functional for what I currently use the device for. The phone apparently works although I wouldn't know for sure since the OG isn't activated at the moment. The WiFi works and apps like stitcher, pandora, google music and reader are all functional. GPS doesn't work right now so no maps. Skype does work for voice calls so the phone could be used over WiFi.

I'll keep playing with it and flashing updated builds, but so far I really like what I see of ICS. Unlike crazed Apple design nerds like John Gruber, I actually really like the way the new Roboto screen font looks on the phone. I also like the new browser, the GMail app and the new UI as a whole. I can't wait until an ICS ROM is available for the Droid 3.

For now though a vanilla ICS build works remarkably smoothly even on this old phone with just 256 MB of ram and rom proving again that Samsung's excuses for not updating the Galaxy S phones is cop out.

Update: You can find the rom files in this forum, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1393632 Go through the thread for updated versions.

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