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Bill Gates has aged as human being much better than Steve Jobs did 1

A decade ago when Bill Gates was still in charge of Microsoft, I never thought much of the man. He always came across as overly aggressive and somewhat unpleasant to deal with. To some degree, those are probably necessary traits to be an entrepreneur and build a big successful company. However, in the years since he stepped away from the company to focus on his foundation, he seems to have aged gracefully and has developed into a more sensitive human being that actually cares about the world.

While I still don't get the ill-fated commercials he did with Jerry Seinfeld a few years ago, he did show a self-effacing side that we never saw from Steve Jobs.
Jobs on the other hand continued to lead the creation of cool new products right up until his final days.

On the other hand, based on what I'm reading from the new Walter Isaacson biography, indicates that Jobs remained an asshole throughout his life especially when it comes to his attitude toward competitors like Google and Samsung.

Very different men and it will be fascinating to see how we view the two of them 10, 20, 30 years down the road.

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Bill Gates is a classy guy. I really respect his maturity in responding to SJ. He deserved more respect.

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Gates Dismisses Criticism in Steve Jobs Biography

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