If true, this is absolutely outrageous!

If true, this is absolutely outrageous!

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Shocking photos of employee costume party as a law firm that specializes in foreclosures were published in the nytimes (and shared on Boingboing and here on Google+ by a couple of folks like +Wil Wheaton).

Do these folks realize that they are no different than the folks who are losing their homes? I mean, many Americans are only one layoff away from losing their homes. This reminds me of the cops giving Occupy Wall Street protestors a hard time, while their pensions, salaries and benefits are being annihilated due to us not taxing the rich and the greed of wall street (via their pension funds).

We're all in this together…. even the mega rich. If thing continue the way they are folks are not only going to be protesting in front of the homes of the rich–they are going to start burning them down.

This is a serious situation for America. We have to get our act together and I am in full support of the Occupy Protests–even if my protest is trying to create sustainable jobs for Gen-Y folks who in many cases don't want them.


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