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Apparently, Elon Musk has decided he wants to be the next Steve Jobs. 13

By opting to go with a unique, proprietary charging connector, Tesla Motors will be forcing buyers of its new Model S electric sedan to also use its proprietary home charging station or rely on being able to hunt down a public version somewhere, assuming anyone installs one in a public place. Tesla will offer an adapter that will allow drivers to also use stations with the J1772 standard connectors that virtually every other automaker has opted to use, but that increases the hassle of charging on the go.

A charge connector doesn't need to be pretty, it needs to be functional, durable and above all safe. The J1772 connector is designed to withstand upwards of 10,000 insertions without getting loose. I have a feeling the Tesla unit may not last that long.

Being different to do something better is good. Being different just to be different, is just different.

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Bucking Trends, Tesla Goes It Alone on Plug Design
A new home charger from the electric-vehicle manufacturer will adapt to, but not conform out of the box, to SAE J1772, the prevailing plug and charger standard for E.V.'s in America and Europe.

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