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John Voelker takes a good look at the so-called "reporting" on Fisker and… 1

John Voelker takes a good look at the so-called "reporting" on Fisker and its DoE loans since last week. The trigger for all this was the release of the EPA efficiency estimates for the Karma, Fisker's first product which I wrote about at the time.


In short, while the Karma's numbers are disappointing, any criticism of the ATVM program (the DoE low interest loan program) because the Karma is assembled in Finland is disingenuous. Fisker always planned to have the Karma assembled in Finland by contract builder Valmet. The bulk of the loan money was meant for development and production of the second Fisker model which should eventually emerge from a former GM plant in Delaware. Check out John's story for more.

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Fisker's Federal Fiasco: Loans, 20-MPG Electric Cars, Shoddy Reporting
Today, if the news cycle cooperates, ABC News will air a segment on its Nightline program that looks at Fisker Automotive–makers of the 2012 Karma plug-in luxury sport sedan–and the low-interest loa…

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