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It's not often that I agree with Mark Cuban but in this case I couldn't agree… 4

It's not often that I agree with Mark Cuban but in this case I couldn't agree more. The abuse of patents by "intellectual property holding companies" needs to stop. More importantly the examiners at the US Patent and Trademark Office need to get off their asses and start actually examining these patents and using some common sense.

If patent application doesn't actually describe a very specific invention, reject it. If it's something obvious reject it. Put the burden of proof that the "claimed invention" on the applicant to demonstrate that it is novel.

Most importantly eliminate software and business method patents entirely. Patents should cover a specific implementation, not a general idea. At this point we would be better off if they put a moratorium on all new patents until the problem is sorted out.

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patent litigation pissing off anyone else ? I could hire a lot more people if we didnt have to spend money on the nonsense we are getting hit with. Hello Mr President, your assistance is requested…

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