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The technologies that will enable 34.1 mpg

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  • dsulli37

    hey Sam,

    Doesn’t Chrysler have DCTs out now??? I think so.

    Do you really think stop start will progress beyond hybrids before 2015? I’m not seeing any indication of that right now for NA market.

    • Sam Abuelsamid

      Actually, Chrysler only has DCTs available in the cars it sells in Europe. Chrysler hasn’t yet offered any DCTs in North America.

      As for start-stop Ford will be introducing here next year in the Fiesta and the new Focus. It’s already widely available in Europe from just about every automaker. BMW and other manufacturers will probably bring start-stop systems here in the next couple of years as well.

      • dsulli37

        Yeah the Journey has DSG for Europe only….I think. VW is well into offering dual clutch here though….

        Umm we’ll see about the Fiesta…it isn’t on the NA ones they are building right now in Mexico. It’s going to be difficult to communicate this technology to consumers. I see talk about it at OEMs….but everyone is scared to do it first.