Arrogance and ignorance are a dangerous combination

Watching the first debate tonight my first impression is that its good to see a more relaxed format that allows McCain and Obama to go back and forth and respond the other.

More importantly, though it’s clear that McCain is both ignorant and arrogant. The fact that McCain absolutely refused to look at Obama throughout the entire debate was a sign of utter arrogance and perhaps even racism. He seemed to be absolutely seathing with anger through much of the debate. Clearly McCain does not have the temperment to be the leader of anything much less the United States.

Obama on the other hand regularly looked over and spoke directly to his opponent.  This is a thoughtful man who is clearly very intelligent and listens to those he speaking with.  This is man who seems to have the judgment necessary to deal with problems that this country is increasingly facing.

On the subject of the Wall Street bailout McCain unsurprisingly refused to acknowledge that his deregulatory policies were large to blame for this fiasco.  Now he wants to cut another $300 billion in corporate taxes claiming that the US has the one of the highest corporate tax rates at 35 percent. What he doesn’t talk about is that fact that the net tax rate that American corporations pay is among the lowest in the world due to all the loopholes and tax breaks.

Combine all of this with his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate and he has demonstrated that he doesn’t have the judgement needed to be president.

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