Zingerman’s must be drinking their own Kool-aid 4

Jules and I stopped by Zingerman’s Roadhouse today with the intention of grabbing some lunch. The food is generally really good at the Roadhouse but it can be erratic at times. Fortunately we had to wait about ten minutes for a table so we perused the menu while waiting. Their prices have really gotten out of line. $9.95 for a burger and $2.50 extra for cheese? Please it’s not that great a burger. Frankly the Sidetrack burgers are better. $19.00 for a sampler plate of five mini-burgers or brisket? After a couple of minutes of pondering these prices we got up and decided to try the Quarter Bistro a few hundred yards away. It was an excellent decision. The food was really good, the service was excellent and the prices were much more reasonable. Franky I have the feeling the Ari and Paul and the team might be reading a little bit too much of their own press. If the quality of the food at the Roadhouse could always be counted on to be outstanding, the prices might justifiable. The reality is that they are not.

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4 thoughts on “Zingerman’s must be drinking their own Kool-aid

  • trusty getto

    Wow! I’ve never had anything but an outstanding meal there.

    One of the things I like in addition to the food are the authentic cocktails that they put together using fresh ingredients. Their Mint Julep is out of this world, as is their Mohito.

    It’s a shame you’ve had crappy food there. I hope I never do, ’cause it’s my favorite restaurant outside of Ypsi to eat at.

  • biscodo

    Gotta say – it’s like Zingerman’s is an economy with runaway inflation. How much for a sandwich these days? $15? Who is kidding whom? They’ve had a sandwich problem for a while, and it sounds like the roadhouse has the same problem – a business far too high on themselves. I realize that it’s Ann Arbor and people all around me seem to have money to burn on all sorts of foolishness, but… I just don’t feel I’m tasting the bang or my buck when I go there. So I don’t go there any more. Amer’s makes tasty sammiches at half the price, and you don’t have to deal with all the “we’re so damn cool” BS.