Scott Pelley is an absolute disgrace to journalism and should be fired 8

On Sixty Minutes tonight Scott Pelley conducted one of the most disgraceful “interviews” I’ve ever seen with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Pelley came off as such utterly arrogant jackass reading his questions directly from the list of White House talking points. His “questions” were nothing more than accusations of Iran’s supposed “crimes”. While Iran is definitely no angel, having supported Islamist groups in Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere, the US government has been trying to whip up war fever against Iran. CBS should be ashamed of themselves allowing Pelley to conduct this inquisition and they should never have aired this propaganda piece. This is just another example of the utter corruption of the American mainstream media.

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8 thoughts on “Scott Pelley is an absolute disgrace to journalism and should be fired

  • Jason Washington

    I too saw the interview. I believe the interviewer was disrespectful, forceful to their guest, uninterested in their guest answers, was more interested in their next question than the response of their subject, and was a complete failure at encouraging dialogue with the guest for the purpose of educating the audience. Thankfully the guest was able to discern this and take upon himself to inform the audience and perform both duties so the interview was not a disaster. Lord Jesus.

  • Jason Washington

    Imagine enjoying an ice cream cone and discovering a razor blade inside, what kind of news is this supposed to be, it is the pinnacle of the reverse of news.

    “…Good, somebody got ’em.”

  • Luke

    After reading the transcript of this interview, I googled “Scott Pelley sucks” and found this blog. I could not believe the arrogance of this man. Pelley summed up everything that is wrong with our foreign policy. I think Jason Washington’s blog reply sums up the interview perfectly. Pelley was not interested in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s response, unless it was “yes” or “no.” He was insulting, and the Ahmadinejad’s intelligent responses made Pelley look like a fool, which apparently is not hard to do. I can’t believe such an opportunity for an interview was wasted by repeating bullshit rhetoric that does not even represent the true opinion of the American people. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was more in touch with American people’s opinions than Pelley. How ridiculous… and now the Bush administration is hinting about a war with Iran. God this country is being run by uneducated morons. And the media has everyone so scared with their fear mongering propaganda that we’re shaking in the corner with our finger on the trigger, shoot first ask questions later. Let’s use our fucking brains! Do some research and find out who the true enemies are and what the Bush administration is really trying to accomplish. In the interview Pelley quoted Bush, saying Ahmadinejad has made Iran a pariah of the world. Really? Why doesn’t Bush admit that his administration has made The United States a complete outcast and Bush has desecrated decades of international peacemaking. Maybe the American people don’t realize it, because our media outlets are almost as bad as outright censorship. We get one perspective from all the news, and they are not reporting the truth. Use the internet to get a foreign perspective, you might be shocked. Please read the interview transcript between Pelley and the Iranian President or watch it. He’s an intelligent man, with valid questions that we need to ask ourselves and the Bush administration.

  • tj

    My wife and I caught the smug interview involving the Iranian President with Scott Pelley. Whether or not you agree with Iranian politics is beside the point. Pelley’s arrogance and reckless journalistic approach reaffirms my dissatisfaction involving the lack of integrity with the American media. I would expect a journalist of any integrity to, at the very least; interview any global leader with respectful insight and responsibility with the country in which he or she represents in mind. Scott Pelley fueled the stereotypical hate and arrogance felt across the globe. Quoting President Bush’s “what if he were sitting across from the Iranian President” comment was at the very least an attempt to insight a political riot. When did “getting the scoop no matter what” take precedence over peaceful debates and insightful commentaries? Is anyone else tired of this hypocritical rhetoric?

  • Marjorie

    I am heartened by these responses and agree that the blustering bully Scott Pelley is a disgrace to the profession.We would rightly be appalled if Bush or any of our leaders was treated this way in another country.

    We are supposed to be a courteous and hospitable nation. We are supposed to welcome free speech because we are confident and strong enough in our own beliefs that we can hear anyone out. The rest of the world was watching and their low opinion of us has been reinforced by the likes of Pelley and Bollinger.Ahmadinejad’s popularity at home is sure to be bolstered by our display of insecurity and boorishness.

    The cowardly folks of the American press have consistently failed us by their refusal to ask difficult questions of the likes of Bush and Cheney or to press them when they dissemble. Small wonder that when Bush met a REAL journalist in Ireland a few years ago he stormed out of her interview. He basks in the sycophancy of a DC press corps which gives him a free pass time after time.

    I ran into a friend this morning and she told me that after the sickening rudeness of Pelley and Lee Bollinger she would scream if yet another moron asked wide-eyed, why do they hate us?”