Monthly Archives: September 2007

Scott Pelley is an absolute disgrace to journalism and should be fired 8

On Sixty Minutes tonight Scott Pelley conducted one of the most disgraceful “interviews” I’ve ever seen with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Pelley came off as such utterly arrogant jackass reading his questions directly from the list of White House talking points. His “questions” were nothing more than accusations of Iran’s supposed “crimes”. While Iran is definitely no angel, having supported Islamist groups in Lebanon, Palestine and elsewhere, the US government has been trying to whip up war fever against Iran. CBS should be ashamed of themselves allowing Pelley to conduct this inquisition and they should never have aired this propaganda piece. This is just another example of the utter corruption of the American mainstream media.

The return of the Detroit Grand Prix

The Detroit Grand Prix returned to Belle Isle this week and Max and I were able to go as guests of Acura. The weather was perfect and Roger Penske did an awesome job of improving the facility. For next year though, they really need to do a better job of organizing the lines for the buses to get off the island at the end. Check out for my posts from the event with lots of galleries.