Daily Archives: August 19, 2007

I guess bureaucrats don’t understand sarcasm

bh xlrvI happened catch site of a Cadillac XLR-V the other wearing a light bar and the livery of the Bloomfield Hills police department. I of course snapped a few shots of it and wrote a post on Autoblog that proved to be fairly popular. A Bloomfield Hills city official who shall remain nameless in order to protect the humorless apparently heard about it and sent off the following comment to the site:

Subject: Cadillac XLR-V Cop Car

The vehicle you saw on this blog site is loaned to our Public Safety Department by a local Cadillac dealer for a special event held up in the Detroit metropolitan area called the Woodward Dream Cruise. This event drew 1.2 million people this weekend to our area featuring vintage and muscle cars cruising down 16 miles of Woodward Avenue. I’m sure you remember cruising down a particular road in your hometown. You might want to check out our local newspapers online to see what this event is all about. The blogger who posted the Cadillac obviously needs to get his facts straight and a life!


Evidently this individual never actually checked out the site and was thus unaware of our extensive coverage of their little event. Perhaps this person is just stressed out from being stuck in traffic all day Saturday on Woodward but he/she might want to learn a little about sarcasm. Oh and get a life.

It definitely wasn’t a Dream for me

dream_cruiseAfter all these years of living in southeast Michigan, I’d never actually made the trek over to Oakland County to check out the Woodward Dream Cruise.  Yesterday I finally did in role as a pro blogger and I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t missing anything.  As someone who hates both crowds and traffic jams, this was definitely not the event for me.  I’m into cars and I like them two ways.  When they are static I can stop and check them out and appreciate the details.  As devices of mobility, I also like to see cars at speed.  Slow speed crawls like the Dream Cruise hold no appeal for me.

The problem we had yesterday was that most of the manufacturers display areas were at the north end of Woodward around 15 mile road.  We had our base of operations (including a live video stream) at Royal Oak Ford near 11 mile.   Getting from our base to where carmakers were took forty minutes and the crowds made photography tough.  Max went along with me and in spite of the crowds and periods of tedium he did great.  He took some awesome photos and was never complained.   If we do this next year we’ll definitely have to find a base of operations closer to Birmingham.  As for those million plus spectators I’m at a loss as to what draws them to set up chairs all along Woodward every year.   Plus it’s hard to find anything to eat south of 13 mile.