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FUZZY PINK BUNNY SLIPPERSWhy is it that some people just have no sense of humor and insist on flauting that fact? Tesla Motors has a blog on their corporate site where staff put up posts talking about what’s going on at the EV manufacturer. A lot of the posts are about some the design decisions they’ve made and why they made them. The most recent post was written by one of their software engineers about his main side pursuit. Greg Solberg has been building electrically driven furniture for over a decade and most recently he and his girlfriend built a pair of 7 1/2 foot long fuzzy pink slippers. I wrote a post the other night on ABG linking to Greg’s post and the first commenter on the post wrote this:

I don’t know what Tesla Motors was thinking when they allowed such a post on their blog.

To this all I can say is LIGHTEN UP! Some environmentalists are just far to earnest for their own good. Sometimes you just need to relax and smile a bit.

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