George Bush must pay a real price for what he has done

I’ve heard about the reasons why some Democrats don’t want to pursue impeachment.  Bush has less than two years left, they don’t want to pay a political price for showing backbone, etc.  That’s not acceptable reasoning for backing down.  If Bush and Cheney are allowed to walk away in January 2009 without paying a price, it will send a tragic message to all future potential leaders.  It will say that they can essentially do whatever they want and as long as they play the “support your leaders in war-time” strategy and get away with it.  It is imperitive more so now than ever in our history, that both Bush and Cheney pay the price for repeatedly lying to the people of the United States, going recklessly into an unnecessary war, handling it with criminal negligence, and now persisting in pushing forward against Iran.

Our legislators must set a high standard for the actions of whoever is in the White House, now and going into the future.   Our constitution must be restored to it’s preeminent place in our nation.  They must move forward now and put an end to the madness that is our military misadventure in the middle East and hold those who are responsible accountable.

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