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Lately, I haven’t written much about politics at least in part because I have not been paying as close attention to politics as I had previously.  The past six years have been particularly painful for me from a political perspective, and I just needed a mental health break from it.  After the November elections it became pretty clear, that the democrats were not going to aggressively pursue impeachment, which means that we were looking at two more years of the village idiot in charge.

Fortunately, my other writing tasks have been giving me an increasing amount of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.  That’s something sadly lacking from the day gig as my real income has steadily declined in the past five years while at the same time, the CEO was making more and more.  So without really consciosly thinking about it, I have withdrawn somewhat from politics for a while.  I’m staying involved in school stuff with the school board podcast, and the tech committee, things that I can actually make a difference with.  Bigger stuff is so aggravating that I just need to turn away for awhile to keep from exploding or losing hope.  In the same way, I’ve been meeting people who read my ramblings on ABG and feel like I might just be having a little bit of impact in the area of alternative fuels and transportation.  So I guess want to focus on the areas where I can have some positive impact.   It’s a lot easier to feel motivated when I can see some results of my efforts.

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4 thoughts on “Politics and writing

  • maryd

    I know what you mean about politics and seeing things get done. It is excrutiating to watch or listen to National Politcs right now. Whenever I get too tired of the national scene, I usually concentrate on local issues for awhile, the politics is more personal locally anyway. Yet lately the local scene is just as bad as the national scene. And don’t even mention the yahoos on the state level. That is when I have to focus on just one thing and get it done. Too many battles…

  • Sam Post author

    Absolutely! You have to pick your battles and focus on the ones you think you can win. Too much information can be overwhelming too, and so I am just doing some personal filtering for a while.