Daily Archives: February 13, 2007

Ricky Gervais is a one trick pony 6

Jules and I watched the original British version of the office when it was on BBC America, and although it was funny at first, it’s a good thing that it only ran for two six episode seasons.  By the second episode I was finding it painful to watch.  The majority of the characters, particularly Gervais’ David Brent were fairly one dimensional and didn’t seem to grow, and you can only take so much of the situations he got himself into.

After The Office ended he went on to do his podcast.  The first couple of episodes were funny, but the next ten were almost identical.  Again, by the end,  I’d had enough and when he decided to charge for the second and third seasons, I had no problem at all unsubscribing.  Apparently enough other people felt the same way that almost no one else has tried to charge for a podcast since.

Now he has a show called Extras on HBO that is in its second season.  The first season was pretty funny, but midway through it was becoming clear that there was no second joke.  Now midway through the second season Jules and I have both called enough.  The last two episodes were totally unfunny, and without even a single character to like, we’re done.  I doubt we will bother with any of his future projects either.