Sitting in a New York cab

I spent a few hours in Manhattan today. I had to fly in for a meeting this morning and then fly back this afternoon, and I spent more time in the two cabs than I did in the city itself. The cabbie from the airport to the meeting was into left foot braking, but I know for a fact that he never pressed the brake and accelerator at the same time. How you might ask do I know this fact? Because he had no right foot. When he hopped out of the cab at the airport to pick me up, he literally was hopping. His right leg ended at the knee. This was definitely a first for me.

The cabbie on the way back to the airport was telling me about his wife stealing his three kids and how he called a psychic today. Since I wanted to get to the airport in a timely fashion so that I could get home, I didn’t have the heart to tell him what a complete scam telephone psychics are. Poor guy might as well have taken out a match and lit up his $150.

Fortunately the flight from Detroit to La Guardia is only about 1 hour and 40 minutes otherwise the exit row seat I got might not have been such a good idea. I hate sitting in the middle seat of three on airplanes, even if I have legroom. Sitting here in the back of a New York taxi makes me realize that there is no way I would ever want to drive in this city. This may be a great city but it makes Toronto traffic look like a party.

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