Shadow art fair a success again! 8

water towerCongratulations to Mark and all the other organizers of the Shadow Art Fair! This weekends second edition of the fair was another huge success. Apparently the Corner Brewery was packed all night on Friday, so Jules and I went over there early today, and got some Christmas shopping done. We had some great coffee roasted by John Roos, and picked up a print of the Water Tower from Matt Callow (of pinhole fame). The new mayor, Paul Schrieber, Linda French, and other local luminaries (including a rather odd looking Santa) were all in attendance. It was great to see so many dedicated and talented people being rewarded for their efforts. Afterwards my lovely wife and I had some lunch at the Sidetrack, where I had the best fish and chips around. All in all a great day. Don’t forget to go down to the Sidetrack on Tuesday for Dinner and Drinks to support Growing Hope.

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8 thoughts on “Shadow art fair a success again!

  • Stacey

    Oh, I’m so jealous! I want some water tower art, too.

    We were there Saturday night. I bought a cool Molly Mast skirt, and now I want more, and a Dreamland Theater t-shirt as a gift for Evan. Some vinyl by MHZ and a garage punk Christmas CD. It was mellow enough at the end of the evening to do some actual shopping. I can’t think if it’s too crowded.

  • Sam Post author

    Was that the surprise package CD? I picked up a copy of that one at the first fair back in July. Great disk. You can get Matt’s pinhole camera prints by contacting him directly from his site at Just go to his about page and you’ll find the e-mail link. We got some cool stuff for the kids too, but they’ll have to wait a few weeks to find out what it is.

  • Matt Callow

    Cool! And thanks for the link…

    That turned out to be my most popular print over the two days. I think I sold four copies, had to frame one up in a hurry on the Saturday morning, and then took orders for two more prints after I’d sold out. I had no idea it’d be so popular!

  • Dale

    AAiO commented on the way home that she was surprised that there wasn’t MORE phallic water tower-related merch. Young adults doing indie stuff while promoting Ypsi — that SCREAMS Ypsi water tower. It’s how you know someplace is Ypsi. You had the goods for the market, Matt.