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I’ve been writing over on AutoBlogGreen for a couple of months now, so carbon emissions are on my mind a lot these days. As I was walking out of Target today I noticed a tank truck from NuCO2 filling up the carbon dioxide tank that they use in the snack bar and it triggered a question in my mind. Americans (and many others) drink huge amounts of carbonated soft drinks every day. Every single one of those bubbles from your drinks is comprised of carbon dioxide, considered to be the primary greenhouse gas causing global warming. Here’s my question. How much CO2 is emitted from every one of those soft drinks? It seems to me that all those drinks we open up every day, are emitting a hell of a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, possibly more than cars. If you know the answer, please chime in!

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2 thoughts on “A carbon question

  • Mike

    Is CO2 the only gas emitted? If so, then a finely accurate scale would shed light. Just weigh the can, then leave it open for a while and weigh it again. Another concern might be that pouring it releases even more gas. In that case, you would want to weigh the can and a glass, etc.