Are these people nuts?

camping out for ps3In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last few weeks, the Sony Playstation 3 is finally going on sale tomorrow, followed by the Nintendo Wii on Sunday. Every year this kind of thing seems to happen when some hot new product comes out. What is the obsession with having to be the first to having the next shiny new gadget? It’s just a damn game machine people! You can live quite nicely without one. Who the hell would camp out in front of a Best Buy store for a week to get an over-priced-(at least for the PS3) over-hyped game machine? Listen up people! If this thing is really any good (and that’s definitely debatable) , it will be around for a while. Sony will not build a single run of these and then shut off the tap. They will keep building them as long as their is demand. So why must you have one now instead of two months from now? I know supplies of the PS3 will be very limited because Sony came up with a hardware design that they can’t actually build, but eventually supply wil catch up with demand. Those who don’t want to camp out are paying over $2000 on ebay for a $600 toy. It’s no wonder this country is fucked up, with shit like this going on.

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