The doves are safe and republicans are on the run 4

The democrats have taken back the house in both Washington and Lansing and in Arizona, Barry Goldwater would have been proud. Arizona became the first state in the union to vote to reject a ban on single sex marriage. Up in North Dakota, voters told their legislature to butt out of decisions on abortion and Missouri voters want stem cell research. Now if Jon Tester and Jim Webb can hold on to the senate seats in North Dakota and Virgina, we can get the impeachment hearings started.

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4 thoughts on “The doves are safe and republicans are on the run

  • Murph

    The abortion legislation rejection was in South Dakota, wasn’t it?

    And Jon Tester is the proud new Senator from Montana, my favorite state that’s not Michigan.

    Really, I don’t know anything about what NoDak did this year, but I’m sure that they deserve credit for something. 🙂