The end of line for tradional radio 4

I’ve been saying for a long time that traditional mass media will soon be relegated to history. Now it looks like the next stage is coming. Over the last decade Clear Channel Communications has been snapping up radio stations and concert venues all over the country. They now have over 1200 radio stations including 4 of the 5 commercial radio stations in Ann Arbor (they tried to buy the other one a few years but were thwarted). After homogenizing American radio to the point that it became unlistenable and helping to drive people to other sources like mp3 players, they have now decided to put themselves up for sale. The company is heavily in debt and bleeding listeners. They’re apparently negotiating a leveraged buyout, possibly with Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the company that years ago bought RJR Nabisco and then proceeded to break up the company and sell off the pieces. With any luck they’ll close the deal quickly and sell it all off. The sooner all the big media companies either split up or die the better. Media is being democratized through blogs and podcasts and companies like Clear Channel are needed or desirable.

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4 thoughts on “The end of line for tradional radio

  • fugeguy

    The other problem is that when you listen to these syndicated shows they are about 60 to 70% commercials. It seems you get all the syndicated shows commercials tacked onto the local ones. Very little actual content- most of which is drivel.

  • fugeguy


    Not that you will take comfort from this but Rush and you agree that the mass media is doomed.

    Very few want to listen to the uninformed read cue cards about matters they do not even remotely comphrehend let alone are qualified to comment on any more.

    >> Enjoy living in the last days of Rome