Daily Archives: October 25, 2006

New podcasts up

In recent days I’ve published a couple of new podcasts. First up is is the latest MewzikCast. Max recorded episode 21 last weekend and it features Danko Jones, Angel Vivaldi, and Chance. I also posted the recording of the this week’s Ypsilanti School Board Meeting. I lost the last five minutes because my recorder was full, but nothing much exciting happened then. There was some discussion of access by military recruiters to students. Apparently the recruiters had been getting essentially free reign to talk to students in the high school cafeteria and a new policy was going to be proposed to limit that access. It turns out there was already a policy in place, but no one was aware of it or enforcing it. There are limits on the access of employment recruiters to students in the school and the policy also applies to military recruiters. There was also a report from the community vision committee. The committee developed a vision for the Ypsilanti Schools and there is some good stuff there that I’ll right more about later. You can hear the audio portion of the report at the podcast site.