Daily Archives: October 16, 2006

Children of Children 4

children of childrenYesterday Jules and I and a few other people (Carol, Mary, and Ann) went to see an exhibit that started a couple of weeks ago at King Hall at EMU. The show is a mix of photographs and audio. The photographs are all of people who became parents as teenagers. The subjects range in age from 12 to 100. The photographs are displayed in pairs with a chair sitting in front of each pair of photos. Also with each pair of photos is a set of headphones. You sit in front of a pair of photos and listen to a pair of recordings from the subjects of each of the photos. The subjects of the photos tell there own stories of what happened to them.

In some cases the the subjects are still young and had their children recently, including one fifteen year old who just recently gave her child up for adoption. Another story comes from a 100 year old woman who had her first child at age 16. The subjects came from a variety of circumstances and each had their own unique story. The one common thread is that none of them had an easy time of it. Some had supportive families, others did not. All the stories were compelling. The show was put together by photographer Michael Nye. Our friend Ann Schafenacker was on the planning committee for the event. You can get more information on the event at the Washtenaw County public health department site.

The show runs through this weekend and is definitely worth checking out. Set aside an hour or two and pay a visit.

The exhibit will be open for our community October 5 – 21, 2006
King Hall, Eastern Michigan University
Monday – Thursday, 10 AM – 2 PM & 4 – 8 PM
Fridays 10 AM – 6 PM Saturdays 11 AM – 5 PM Sundays 1 – 5 PM
Please join us for this remarkable event!