Daily Archives: October 15, 2006


We have two cats, one of whom Buffy is quite normal, and friendly. Maggie on the other hand has always been very skittish. fuzz ball Any sudden movements, and she takes off. This means it’s really hard to brush or otherwise groom her. This is a real problem because she has really long hair and she’s not very good at grooming herself. As a result her fur gets all matted, and if you pet her you can feel the lumps in her fur where it’s all matted together. Yesterday Jules was sitting on the sofa and Maggie was on the back of the sofa. She looked over and saw what looked like a ridge along the length of her body.
I stepped around to check it out and saw it was sticking out. It looked like a handle sticking out her side. The clump of matted fur was hanging on each end, so I grabbed it. Of course Maggie immediately took off but the clump of fur stayed in my hand. Check out the picture. It looks like Maggie’s tail.