Help send the Ypsi High Drama Club to Scotland 12

The Ypsilanti High School drama club has been invited to participate in the 2007 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland next summer. This is a huge honor being only the third ever school from Michigan invited to participate in the festival. There’s just one problem. In order to send the cast and crew to Edinburgh for 2 weeks and put on four performances they need to raise $100,000. That means they need a lot of help. I’m helping them out on a couple of fronts, the first of which is now available. I’ve setup a special PayPal account where people can make donations to the club. The donation button is up on the top of the left sidebar. If you can help the drama club participate in this amazing opportunity, please click the button and donate what you can. If you’ve got a blog or website and want to put the donation button on your site, send me an e-mail and I’ll send you the code that you can paste into your site. If you have any other idea’s for raising money, please contact me or Michelle Peet the drama teacher at the high school in charge of the club.

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12 thoughts on “Help send the Ypsi High Drama Club to Scotland

  • Amy Doyle


    Have you contacted anyone in the district about putting things like the PayPal, school calendar, and Board of Education podcasts on the district’s website? I’ve sent a few people to your blog, but there are a lot more that could be reached if the information was over there.

  • Sam Post author

    Amy, I am working with Michelle Peet on the drama club stuff, and a new site is being set up for the club. As for the school calendar and the board podcasts I have been doing this on my own, mainly because no involved with technology has been particularly responsive so far when I have tried to contact them about other issues. I have been in touch with Cam, Dr Hawkins and others about providing some training to teachers on free and open source software tools, that they can use but that still doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The district web site (along with at least a couple of school sites) doesn’t even work properly with non-IE browsers. I don’t know who I should contact, to actually get some of these things done. If you know who I should talk to let me know.

  • Mark Haller

    Excellent site, gave a little donation to get the kids to the festival – frankly the best in Europe.

    PS: The hugs campaign was a delight to see, I love hugs myself and give freely!

    Regards Mark