Daily Archives: September 29, 2006

My first interview

I had a chance to interview former Rocketboom host Amanda Congdon a couple of days ago. Amanda has a new project going now. She and three of her friends are driving across America in a Ford Escape hybrid and talking to people involved in citizen journalism and environmental causes along the way. They are doing a daily video blog that you can find at AmandaAcrossAmerica.com. I spoke to Amanda as they driving from Greensboro NC to Knoxville TN and the interview will be up on AutoBlogGreen in the morning. You can find the interview here. In the process of preparing I had to figure out a way to record a phone call. If you have a Palm Treo phone and need to record calls, I definitely recommend a program called CallRec. It’s really easy to use and the quality was quite good.