Daily Archives: September 23, 2006


Do you have too many books laying around that you have already read? Then go check out BookMooch. It is a site created by John Buckman, the founder of MaganTune. It is an online book swap site. You log on create an account and enter a list of books that you want to get rid of. Once you provide your list, you can search for books you want. When you find something, you mooch it. Your name and address is sent to the person who has the book and they send it to you. When someone mooches one of your books you get their name and address and you send the book to them. For each book you send out you get 1 point for domestic shipment or 3 points for overseas. Each point entitles you to mooch a book. There are a few more details and you get points for adding to your inventory. All the details about the points are here. The service is completely free, you just pay the postage to send out your books. There is no charge to receive books. I heard about this on the Inside the Net podcast a couple of weeks ago when they interviewed Buckman. Jules and Sofia immediately signed up and have already mooched and sent several books. This is definitely a very cool service, and a great demonstration of the kind of community that can be created on the net.

Too many kitchen gadgets!! 4

Jules was just flipping through channels and stumbled across some show on the Home and Garden channel where the hosts were going around some kitchen gadget trade show. I was sitting here in the dining room and overheard one of the hosts say, “You can never have too many grille gadgets, can you?” Well clearly based on this report the answer is YES YOU CAN HAVE TOO MANY GRILLE GADGETS!! Among the items shown was this device were you put some hot dogs on it and move it back and forth and it rolls the hot dogs. Excuse me, just use a pair of tongs and turn them. I have a fish basket which is very handy, because fish always sticks to the grille. With the basket I just put the fish in, do one side and flip it over to do the other side. fish basket I never have little pieces of fish falling into the grille anymore. On this show, the host said “your corn will never stick to the grill again” as they showed a corn basket. corn basket
I don’t know about you, but I have never, ever, ever had an ear of corn stick to a grille. Another problem with this thing is you actually have to do more work. You have to cut the ears of corn to fit in the basket. I just pull off some of the outer layers of husk and slap the corn on the grille. I flip the ears over a couple of times and I’m done. A lot of people in this country definitely have too much time on their hands. They are going to have a rude awakening when everything goes to shit.