Interesting Podcast

I just listened to a very interesting podcast of a presentation from this years Pop!Tech Conference by Susan Blackmore on Memes called The Future of Ideas. Here is the description of the talk from the IT conversations site

Memetics is an intellectually rich but controversial field which seeks to explain how our minds and cultures are designed by natural selection acting on replicating information, just as organisms evolve by natural selection acting on genes. Sue Blackmore, one of the field’s leading thinkers, skillfully unfolds the major arguments for a meme’s-eye view of the world, and explores the implications for humanity. Are our brains best seen as machines invented by and for propagation of selfish memes?

It’s definitely worth a listen. Another podcast that you should check out is The Show with Ze Frank. Ze Frank does a daily 2 minute video podcast. Each day he talks about a different idea and has some very good insights. Finally don’t forget the MewzikCast. Show #13 went up this past weekend, featuring podsafe music from Sophia Ramos, Planet of Women, George Thorogood, and Sunspot.

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