Don’t Let the Door Hit You In The Ass Frank

One of the more useless and corrupt republican governors in the country saw his political career slam into a brick wall yesterday. Frank Murkowski was a US Senator when he was elected governor four years ago. He resigned his senate seat and since he was now the governor he had the privilege to appoint someone else to serve out his term. Who did he select? Why his daughter of course! Things went downhill from there. Murkowski’s family happens to own a chunk of land on the island that will be connected to the mainland by the infamous bridge to nowhere. But enough about that. Yesterday they held the primary for this fall’s election. Murkowski faced not one but two challengers in the republican primary. As the sitting governor, he would typically be expected to have an advantage. However, he finished third among the three candidates from his own party! He got only 19% of the vote from his party. See Frank! Now if they can just boot his daughter and Ted (it’s a series of tubes!) Stephens out of the senate the world would be a better place.

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