I went over to the farmers market in Depot Town yesterday morning and it was already sweltering at 9 in the morning. It was hot but worse it was really humid. Fortunately we have a pool in the yard pool. It is one of those easy set pools, 18 ft in diameter. It is not huge, you cant swim laps in it. But is perfect for just laying in and floating on a steamy summer afternoon like this. I like going over to Rutherford and swimming some laps, but floating in the back yard pool is great. Our yard is surrounded by big trees and we have lots of birds and butterflies and insects. Just laying on a floating lounge and drifting in the slow current of the pool filter is so relaxing and serene. It reminds me of all those years ago when I was still working for what was the Delco-Moraine (Delphi) division of General Motors. We did hot weather testing and development out in Mesa, Arizona at the GM Desert Proving grounds. Summer time in Phoenix is definitely very hot. So on Sunday afternoons a group of us would head out to the Salt River and go tubing. We rented big tubes and went floating down the cool river for the next few hours. It was definitely an awesome way to spend a hot desert afternoon.

Now floating around my pool and listening to the birds dangling my arms and legs in the cool water is a perfect way to get relief from the oppressive heat and humidity.

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