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My house is not within the Ypsilanti City limits. We live in the township. We are however a part of the Ypsilanti community. We participate in events in the city, we eat in city restaurants and bars, we swim at the city pool. What happens to the city of Ypsilanti also affects people who live in the surrounding municipalities whether they like it or not. As the phrase goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. I want to help make the city of Ypsilanti a better place because it benefits the people who live in the city and it also helps the people in the surrounding region. I try to help in ways that I can. Promoting the region as a whole here on this blog and elsewhere is one way. Participating in the political process, by publishing the debate and getting people out to vote is another. We donate to projects like Friends of Rutherford and the skating rink they tried to get going last winter.

A community is not defined by some arbitrary line drawn on a map. It is defined by the people who populate it and participate in it. This can be a geographic or a virtual community. I am a member of many communities. It is the responsibility of all members to do what they can, big or small to make it better for everyone. Ultimately the one in which I and my family live is the most important one. Viva Ypsilanti!

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