Bittorrent test for the debate 6

I am going to be recording and then posting audio and video of the Ypsilanti Mayoral debate tomorrow. In order maximize availability and conserve bandwidth (video is large especially when you are talking about a 90 minute debate) I’m going to make it available by as many channels as possible. This includes, google and bittorrent. If you are not familiar with bittorrent it is a peer to peer file sharing technology that works extremely well for very large files. It is perfectly legal and ideally suited to distributing something like this. This will be my first attempt at hosting a torrent tracker. When you use bittorrent you download a small torrent file that points to a tracker site. It then gets the information about the file to download and starts getting pieces of the file. As more people download pieces they also share those pieces. The more people who are downloading and seeding a file the faster everyone can get it. I would like to request your help in testing my setup.

If you are already setup to use bittorrent then please download this torrent file for Azureus, a very good bittorrent client. The file is only 7.6 MB. If it downloads OK please let me know.

If you are not setup for bittorrent and you are running windows, and you want to get the debate this way, please download this setup file for Azureus, install it and then download the torrent file and test the setup. If you are not running windows you can find Mac and Linux versions of Azureus here

Please let me know if this works or if you have any problems. Once I post the video and audio files I’ll put the links here. thanks

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6 thoughts on “Bittorrent test for the debate

  • trusty getto

    I use bittorrent, so I’m looking forward to the download. I had to drive up to Petoskey for a deposition first thing in the morning, so I’m really anticipating seeing the video or loading the audio onto my iPod.

    Thanks for doing this Sam !

    Btw, did the sup’t get in touch with you yet?

  • Sam Post author

    The audio is up now and I should have the video up this evening or tomorrow. Dr. Hawkins did get in touch with me and told me about the new Edline system coming this fall. I wish it had been available last year, but at least it is coming. He is also going to Bob Wilkinson get in touch with me to discuss teacher training, so we are making progress. Thanks Cam