Daily Archives: July 12, 2006

Google’s coming to town

In case you thought parking was hard to find in downtown Ann Arbor before, It may be about to get a whole lot worse. Yesterday it was announced that Google is going to build a new headquarters for their AdWords business in Ann Arbor and hire a thousand people in the area. Although having a thousand new jobs in the area is awesome, they apparently want to build in downtown Ann Arbor and need 200,000 square feet of office space. Where the hell are you go to put another 1000 cars in Ann Arbor especially if some of the proposed sites are used which include existing surface parking lots.

I have an idea, how about Ypsilanti? The Corner Brewery has bought part of the old Motor Wheel plant, maybe the rest could go to Google. Or how about the site of the soon to be vacated Ypsilanti Public Schools bus garage? Or the Water Street site? Or the current site of the former Visteon plant that will soon close? Come on Ypsi needs the tax revenue and there are plenty of spaces that might be suitable. What do the mayoral candidates think? Steve Pierce can you here me?

Livonia Police 2

I work in Livonia, MI and I’m pretty sure the only thing the Livonia police do is traffic enforcement. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t see at least 1 speed trap somewhere in Livonia. For the past 6-7 years they have been using Ford Crown Victoria’s since they retired the last of the old rear-drive Chevy Caprices. Well now if you drive in the Livonia area you may want to keep you eyes open. Over the past year they have changed their color scheme to solid black with just gold decals on the front doors and often no rooftop light-bar. This week I have seen that they also have new cars. They have added some new Dodge Chargers to the fleet like the one in this picture. police charger Unfortunately they are a lot less visible because of the all black paint job. So be careful on the roads of Livonia, because those officers don’t mind writing you up for 5mph over the limit or even worse cutting through a mall parking lot without stopping to shop. If you know where I work you probably know what I’m talking about.