It’s time for the big one

OK the time has come for long awaited big earthquake that sucks California into the Pacific. At least Hollywood needs to be put out of our misery. They clearly have nothing worthwhile left to offer the world. I was scanning through Digg tonight and what should I find but a story about the trailer for Rocky 6. Yes you read that right Rocky Balboa is back for another round. Now would someone please explain to me why anyone would fund this movie? A quick check of IMDB shows that Sylvester Stallone tuned 60 last week. Why the hell is this guy making another Rocky movie? Worse guess what he is doing next. You got it, Rambo is back. Rambo 4 comes in 2007 Does Hollywood actually have any original ideas? If not then please shut it down.

On a side note, why do we need HDTV to watch the US Poker Championships? Since when is Poker a sport anyway? Why is ESPN showing Poker championships at all, let alone in HD? More evidence that the mainstream media is completely hopeless.

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