Government protecting us from losers!

You know those seven “Home-Grown Terrorists” that Alberto Gonzales made such a big deal about busting in Miami last week? The seven guys who apparently wanted to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago? Well it turns out these guys were at worst some small time criminals. They had never actually had any contact with any other known terrorist groups. They had no weapons of any kind. They were trying to get some “soldier boots”, but there were no guns and bombs. Oh and one more thing

None was known to be an adherent of a militant Islamic faction, nor even of the Muslim faith. Relatives described some as religious, but drawn together to study the Bible, not the Koran.

Why would anyone actually pay any attention to anything coming from any member of the Bush administration? They have zero credibility. This is just another one of those scams like all the Orange alerts before the 2004 election. They were just trying to distract attention from the debate, about pulling the troops out of Iraq and the fact that the feds are also scouring our bank records. They are breaking laws and violating the 4th amendment all over the place and every time they get called on it they pull out some bogus sting operation or some other false crisis to distract us.

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