Colbert strikes again!

Stephen Colbert has a regular segment on his show where he interviews each member of congress and then marks their district off on his big map. Most recently he did republican Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia. Westmoreland demonstrated that his is just another ignorant christian fascist southern republican. When asked about whether there were any other appropriate places to display the ten commandments besides courthouses and government he was unable to articulate even one (such as say … A church!). Colbert asked him to name the ten commandments and he was able to come up with only three. The question I have why hasn’t Colbert suffered the Ali G effect yet? British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen had a show that was on TV in Britain first and then on HBO called the Da Ali G Show. He played various characters including Ali G that interviewed various famous people including politicians. After a couple of years of the show, people became aware of the nature of the show, stopped agreeing to be interviewed. Especially after the recent White House correspondents dinner I can’t imagine there is anyone in Washington who doesn’t know who Stephen Colbert is and what he does. The only explanation I can think of is that the politicians are so arrogant that they think they can outsmart the guy. As Colbert has repeatedly demonstrated, these guys egos are clearly much larger than their intellects. Rock On Stephen!!

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