A Reminder

I’ve always liked the comic strip Non Sequitur drawn by Wiley. Today he has a great strip non sequitur reminder reminding us why we should never forget the dangers of extremism, be it political, religious or any combination of the two. I’ve always kind of had the feeling that when Jewish people talk about never forgetting the holocaust the focus always seemed to be about what to European Jews under fascism in 30’s and 40’s. I personally we shouldn’t forget for the reason shown in this comic. I think the focus should be on the danger of extremism. The kind of hateful speech we hear against liberals, gays, Muslims, atheists and many others from the likes of Anne Coulter, James Dobson, and Pat Robertson is little different than what heard from European fascists in the past. Remember, the six million Jews but also remember the four million others (including gypsies, homosexuals, “mental defectives” and many more) who died in the death camps, the twenty million Russians, and the countless millions more around the world. Let’s not let it happen again.

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