Daily Archives: May 18, 2006

Predictions of the obvious

Pat Robertson has been talking about the revelations that god has been giving him again. This time on his 700 club show. Evidently the big guy told him that storms and a possible tsunami will lash American cosatlines this year! It took a revelation from god to figure this out?! Give me a break. This guy is a complete fraud and huckster. Predicting that storms will hit coasts is like predicting that the sun will rise tomorrow. There has never been a year when coasts have not been hit buy storms. Have you ever noticed that arears most likely to get hit by tropical storms and hurricanes are in the southeast US? That also happens to home to the biggest concentration of bible thumpers. Coincidence? or natural selection? you decide. Anyone that sends money to Robertson or any one of the countless other biblical con artists deserves to flush their money down the toilet.

Antique Forest?

I was driving in to work this morning taking yet another alternate route when I spotted one of those really ridiculous things that real estate developers do. On Ford Rd in Canton is yet another one of those cookie cutter non-descript McMansion subdivisions. You know the ones where the builder goes in and clears all the mature old trees throws up a few dozen oversize earth-tone pre-fab houses with the oversize 3 car garages to enclose the oversize Suv’s that never get anywhere close to going off-road. Who the hell buys these things anyway? What family of 4 really needs a 3500+ sq. ft. house? especially when these gargantuan houses are on lots barely bigger than the house. Anyway after they throw together these generally poorly built houses and sell them at inflated (although that is getting very hard to do in Michigan) prices, they scatter a few pathetic looking saplings around the lots. So what was this place called? You got it… Antique Forest!