All Hail the RIAA!

Oh thank you gods of the RIAA! Previously, the recording industry has indicated in court filings that they didn’t consider ripping of cds to mp3 players to be fair use. That means that if you go to a record store and buy a CD they think it is illegal for you to make a copy for listening to on your digital audio player. Now they are saying that they are OK with it even though they still consider it illegal. How kind of them. I say screw them. Before you buy a CD or a song from a on-line music store check the label. If the label is a member of the RIAA, put it back and go find something from an independent label instead. There is a ton of great music out there. Support lesser known musicians instead of overpaid executives who add nothing to the creative process. Go browse through some of the DRM free music stores linked in the sidebar. Browse for musical styles you like and listen to the previews. Try some music podcasts to find new music. Just don’t buy from the big guys. They already have enough of your money.

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