Pennies for the pool

Everyone in the Ypsilanti area knows about the financial problems of the city and how they had to cut funding for the recreation department a couple of years ago. Fortunately the wonderful people of the area have come through to support these community resources. This Sunday, April 30 the friends of the pool will be holding Pennies for the Pool at the Senior Center. If you live in the Ypsi area and you have some spare change go give them a hand. We will be going over and buying a season pass for the family. Rutherford is a great pool and is a great place to spend a sunny summer afternoon. Here is a copy of the e-mail I got with all the information

Sunday, April 30th from 12-3pm (at the Senior Center on Congress at Oakwood) will be your first chance to sign up for passes and swim lessons for this summer. Please check out the price structures below as some things have changed. If you can’t make it on the 30th the pre-season sale will be available on Ypsilanti Pride Day and Memorial Day weekend. Please remember that although we do open on Memorial Weekend regular hours will not start until June 10th when Ypsilanti schools are out for summer. More program information will be available on the 30th.

Check or cash only-no credit cards

Family Pass Pre-season (last year’s price ) $110.
After Memorial Day $125

Swim Lessons First lesson $50. next lessons $45 each

Individual pass $60

Adults $3.00 per session
Child (1-5pm) $2.00
Child (6-8) $1.50

We will be offering a gift card this year. The card can have up to 5
punches on it at a reduced rate. Children’s gift card-$8 and Adult gift
card $12. Perfect for out of town guests.

Pennies for the Pool, too, on April 30: Please feel free to bring your pennies(or other coins/bills) that you might have in your couch cushions or on top of the dresser. We even take pop cans as donations.

When cleaning out your garage-if you have any stackable, plastic lawn
chairs that you wish to get rid off-we’ll take those, too.

If you have any questions please contact Cathy Thorburn at 485-xxxx (e-mail me and I can give you the number if you need it) or
catabates AT hotmail DOT com

Hope to see you all the pool this summer!

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