Daily Archives: April 22, 2006

A Letter from Henry Rollins

In case you haven’t heard Henry Rollins has a show on the Independent Film Channel. Henry RollinsI like Henry even though I don’t always agree with him. His like of Rob Zombie, both for his music and films is a complete mystery to me but is more than made up for by his dislike of the chimp in chief. But that’s beside the point. The show is a mix of Rollins’ rants, interviews, and a musical guest. I just saw last weeks episode (#3) and it is classic Rollins. The opening segment is called Teeing Off and Rollins goes off on all the ads for loan companies and how Americans keep living beyond their means. After an interview with director Werner Herzog came a segment titled “A Letter from Henry”. In this segment he narrates a letter to famed skinny, blond, psycho, fascist, bitch Anne Coulter. He really rips in to her, and the the phrase “JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!” came up a couple of times. Coulter really is a crazy, vile excuse for a human being and she long ago slipped off the deep end. It was nice to see someone publicly upbraid her. Rollins also had a great sarcastic piece on parenting along with a musical segment from Frank Black. If you don’t get IFC or missed the show I checked and it is available via bit-torrent. Just look for episode 3 of the Henry Rollins show. If you need help finding it just send me an e-mail. I highly recommend seeing this if you feel the same as I do about the psycho-fascist.