Andy Goldsworthy

A couple years ago we first saw a documentary called Rivers and Tides about Andy Goldsworthy a British artist. He is primarily a sculptor and photographer. All of his work is created with natural materials from the area where the pieces are created. Many of his pieces are temporary by their nature, although some are permanent. Right now there is an exhibit of some his work at the Frederik Meijer Garden and Sculpture park in Grand Rapids. The show was put on in conjunction with a new permanent installation of an archgrand rapids arch created by Goldsworthy. The show runs through May 7, 2006 and if you have time to drive to Grand Rapids it is definitely worth going to see the Goldsworthy show. If you can’t get to Meijer Gardens definitely rent the movie and see it. Even if you can’t to Meijer Gardens before this show ends it is still worth visiting any time. Among other things they have the 24 foot highDaVinci horse. davinci horseThe sculpture is one of two castings made from molds based on the original design by Leonardo DaVinci 500 years ago.

Jules, Max and I went to Grand Rapids for a couple of days earlier this week while Sofia was on her trip to England. the Meijer Garden also has a tropical butterfly exhibit in one of the tropical conservatory. They have thousands of butterflies during the months of March and April. While we were there we also went to the VanAndel Museum downtown to see the Treasures of Ancient Egypt:The Quest of Immortality which also runs through May 7. This exhibit has artifacts dating back to the Old Kingdom in 2300 BCE. Among other things their is an eight foot high red granite head of Ramses II and full reproduction of a burial chamber from Thutmose III’s tomb.

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