Daily Archives: April 12, 2006

Real Estate Signs

So this morning YpsiDixit had a a post about the apparently squishy housing market in Ypsilanti. Then this afternoon the Ann Arbor News had an article about the rapidly increasing number of listings combined with stagnant sales, and actually falling prices. While most economists would blame this on rising interest rates as I did until recently, I think the real reason may be something different. Have you noticed anything new about many of the for sale signs in the last couple of years? Why is it necessary for real estate agents to stick a big photo of their mug on the for sale sign? I am not buying the agent, I am buying a house. What I want on the sign is the words “For Sale” and the phone number in big bold type so I can easily read it. I don’t want to see the face of some schmuck trying to sell houses all over town. Ann Arbor until just a few years ago used to prohibit for sale signs from realtors, only owners were allowed to put for sale signs on their houses. I used to think this was ridiculous. Now after seeing all the signs with agents pictures I think it is time bring back the sign ban.